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Bulldog is the General Manager of Irie Radio, Inc. as well as the creator and host of The Rude Awakening Show. He has no prior experience of management or radio broadcasting and it is obvious to both his listeners and staff. He obtained the management position when he beat station owner, Leighton Moore, in a game of backgammon.

Prior to moving to the Eastern Shore, Bulldog lived in Chicago, St. Maarten, Houston, Guantanamo Bay and 18 months at the Miami Correctional Center. He has traveled extensively and once took a vow of celibacy for several hours while touring with the Benedictine Monk Choir throughout Korea. He has been to all seven continents and currently has a P.O. Box address in Antarctica where he spends time during the summer months.

Bulldog is a collector of Precious Moments figurines, WWII shoelaces, Yankee Doodle candles and broken Christmas ornaments. He spends most weekends minding his booth at local flea markets and is a regular at Amish festivals. He likes roller coasters, long walks on the beach, banjo music and watching infomercials.


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Friday interviews include - @JonGordon11 @AmberMadi Football picks with Steve Budin plus the author of "How To Work For An Idiot" & MORE!
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FREE Podcast posted daily Bulldog - Rude Awakening Show 09/22/11 - #iTunes
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Interviewed Karen Schaler @TRAVELTHERAPY this morning and I highly recommend you check out her site and travel tips. GREAT INFO!
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Wednesday interviews include @Traveltherapy @jeffreykluger @ibogost @fromthegroundup @H2Oi - TUNE IN
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Friday interviews include- @onthemarcmedia @simonvanbooy @DeniseKiernan @JosephDAgnese @naturinaughton @NBCPlayboyClub
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