Sunday, June 25, 2017 |
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The Jocks


As a newlywed Coach is learning the ropes of balancing home and work. Most at the station still argue as to how he landed such a catch as his wife. When he's not having fun on the morning show you can find him in Production taking credit for all of Magellan's work. What you should know is that it was work intended for Coach that he repeatedly claims to "delegate" quite liberally to his coworkers.
He enjoys Italian & Mexican as culinary favorites - mostly any pasta with sauce and tacos (or sometimes nachos).
He has never been skydiving (and never will), nor has he ever been to a Medieval Times.
What's his vice? Seacrets Spiced Rum and a calming game of Blackjack.
Coach is a Cancer and truly does like walks on the beach.
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