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DJ Wood

DJ Wood
Born a member of the Nanticoke Indian tribe, DJ Wood has deep ties to the Eastern Shore. Raised by a pack of red foxes initially, his mother finally lured him back into the house in 1983 by playing the funky sounds of Frankie Smith’s Double Dutch Bus on `45. After the subsequent discovery of the Oak Ridge Boys’ Elvira in the same pile of records, a deep love for all types of music was instilled within the young lad.

Moving ahead, DJ Wood left to go to college outside New York City, where his now-formidable music collection and affinity for electronic toys led him to deejaying campus events and parties. After graduation, he tried the shirt-and-tie 9 to 5 thing for two years — hating every minute of it. Missing the beach, he returned, at first running a restaurant. He developed a business plan and started his own multimedia company in 2006, doing graphic design, comic book coloring, signmaking and deejaying. Since then, he hasn't looked back — and loves that his work is considered most people’s play. Being offered a spot to host Island Time on Ocean 98 in 2013 has been a fantastic opportunity for DJ Wood to learn a new medium in which to spread the word of music to fans everywhere.