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Lesley Bunting

Lesley Bunting was born and rasied on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  She graduated from Stephen Decatur High School and Salisbury University.  If you listen to the After Dark Show you probably know a lot about Lesley.  Here's what you may not know:

She likes doing laundry but hates folding laundry.  In fact, there is probably a mountain of clothes that needs to be folded right now but she won't do it.  She loves breakfast food especially bacon.  Don't cook her stir fry and don't even mention the word teriyaki.  Lesley is a tad bit competitive.  If you challenge her to a game of checkers you will have to endure her victory dance and her yelling "in your face."  She loves the Eastern Shore of Maryland but thinks there is a lot of world to see.  Lesley loves to travel but doesn't really like to fly.  She received Rosetta Stone Learn to Speak French about 5 months ago but only got as far as opening the box.  She loves her dog Miss Penny, also known by some as Cujo.  Lesley gets at least 9 hours of sleep every night (her mother says to enjoy that sleep now while she can) and does not believe that anyone should have to get up for work when it's still dark outside.  On that same note, she does not understand why people get up at 6am for no particular reason.  Lesley loves to eat junk food but is thinking her pants feel tight and maybe she should not eat that Toffee Nut cookie in her bag.  Ooops too late.  Lesley Bunting thinks the world would be a much happier place if nobody had to wear pants (Nothing worse than putting on your pants and realizing they are too tight.  Really puts you in a bad mood.).  Lastly, Lesley loves to bring Broccoli & Cheddar soup in the studio just to disgust BK.