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The Jocks


I grew up in Laurel, Md and at a very young age was interested in the music scene. I started playing guitar in the 7th grade after my dad bought me my first guitar (a beat up old fender) and a Heart album. My mother was NOT pleased. I gave up the classical violin (big mistake) and it took about 5 years, but at 17 I was finally able to give up the classical ballet lessons that I had started at the age of 5 (another big mistake). Life as an only child.
I knew I just loved the ROCK scene and had a fondness for female musicians Ann and Nancy Wilson, my idols...
When I was 20, I moved to Ocean City and hung with the local surfer/musician crowd. I would get up and play with a few of the local bands along with my childhood friend Kathy Denk from the band Full Circle. Although, I am not a true musician I love to play when I have time and am extremely lucky that some of my best friends are in the top bands around and there's always an open invitation to play with them (Wow, they must really like me).
As I always say timing is EVERYTHING. One day, in the late 80's I asked about an internship at a local Rock station and that's where I became hooked on radio. It wasn't long before I was doing 7 til midnight at  the original 96 Rock.
In the early 90s I had my first child who is now 17 and a musician (imagine that), his name Is Michael Sky. After a few years of a break in radio to raise my baby I started working for another local station X106.9, where I once again did the evening shift and once again took a few years off for the birth of my second son Robbie, who is 13.
In June of 2008, I went back on the airwaves to work at my favorite station Ocean 98! I can't tell you how happy I am to be working for the best station in the area, or shall I say WORLD Wide. The doors that Ocean 98 have opened up for me have been awesome. 
You can catch me also DJ-ing clubs as DJ Marla, hosting a local TV show and on occasion getting up and jamming with a few bands around town.
I love being able to work in the music industry. It's a true blessing and I am very grateful for the people I have met and am still meeting.
Thank You to ALL that tune in and listen to Ocean 98.1!