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EMPOWER Your Girls

October 19, 2016

Kathrine LaFleur is an author and activist. She has released her book “Moonlight Hunting” and with it a radio tour to feature discussions of how to go from MEEK to MIGHTY. 

LaFleur, author of several books for children aged 4 through 18, was the shy girl at the back of the class who was always being told to speak up. Group work, classroom presentations, and especially recess were sources of stress instead of opportunities to connect with others and shine in her own unique way.

As a fiction writer, she weaves themes of finding and honing that special spark that makes each of us individuals, and calling on inner strengths to face challenges with bravery into her stories. As a teacher, she creates a safe, supportive community in which students can build confidence and explore endless avenues of self-expression on their own paths toward empowerment.



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