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  • DO NOT MISS Anthony Sadler & Spencer Stone - Promoting the book "The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes"
  • Lee from Malibu’s Surf Shop with your Surf Report
  • Steve Menz from “A” Game Golf Academy
  • Ginger Fleming is with the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce
  • Jack Steward & Colton Smith to promote The National Park Service celebrating its Centennial

Daily Links


Heidi McNeeley --

Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addicition - Schedule


Tues, August 23rd - 6:30 pm - Meeting at Ocean Pines Library

Wed, August 31st - 7:00 pm - International Opiate Awareness Day - Commemorative Candlelight Ceremony on the beach at 2nd & 3rd Street in Ocean City












Bulldog is the General Manager of Irie Radio, Inc. as well as the creator and host of The Rude Awakening Show. He has no prior experience of management or radio broadcasting and it is obvious to both his listeners and staff. He obtained the management position when he beat station owner,...more


As a newlywed Coach is learning the ropes of balancing home and work. Most at the station still argue as to how he landed such a catch as his wife. When he's not having fun on the morning show you can find him in Production taking credit for all of Magellan's work. What you should know is that it...more

Big Al Reno

Born Alphonse Renuccaridi, like many immigrants Al came to America in the steerage compartment of a passenger ship. As an infant he arrived wrapped in a blanket in a big iron cooking pot. His family settled in the wooded hills of Western Pennsylvania.  Al was the youngest and was often on...more


Marla is part of The Rude Awakening Show M-F 6 til' 10am. She answers phones, talks to celebrities, drinks and pours coffee and applies her lipstick constantly.  She is also the host for Nights M-F 7 til' 10.  She started her radio career in the late 80's, has hosted a TV show...more