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We have Lee from Malibu's with your Surf Report, The Youngest TV Chef Whitney Miller, Stewart Dobson from Ocean City Today, Rich Hamburg - Deputy Director for the Trust for America's Health, Dr. E Coli - author of "Taking The Browns To The Superbowl (How To Poop at Work)" Cate Meighan from, Heather MacDonald from "All About Sex"   AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!



Bulldog is the General Manager of Irie Radio, Inc. as well as the creator and host of The Rude Awakening Show. He has no prior experience of management or radio broadcasting and it is obvious to both his listeners and staff. He obtained the management position when he beat station owner,...more


Coach was born in a hospital. He likes things. Coach also doesn't like things. He likes some things, but also doesn't like some things. The most interesting thing to ever happen to Coach was when he found a dollar in the ocean. His lucky numbers are 27, 7, and 4,000,000. ...more

Big Al Reno

Born Alphonse Renuccaridi, like many immigrants Al came to America in the steerage compartment of a passenger ship. As an infant he arrived wrapped in a blanket in a big iron cooking pot. His family settled in the wooded hills of Western Pennsylvania.  Al was the youngest and was often on...more


  CJ is the most recent addition to Bulldog's Rude Awakening Show. Where she comes from and how she got here remains a mystery, but you can guarantee she will be here a while. Although she has no radio or on-air experience, she brings with her a wide range of corporate administration,...more